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Paprec Agro, a company committed to recovering green waste

Recycling, recovery and fertilisation have been the goals of Paprec Agro since its creation in 1998! Specialising in recycling green waste, the subsidiary joined the Paprec group in 2011.


The activities of Paprec Agro

Paprec Agro is based at two sites in France: Saint-Paul-la-Roche (Dordogne) and Saint-Christophe-de-Double (Gironde).

Our subsidiary works primarily in three complementary recycling and waste recovery activities:

  • Biomass grinding and preparation
  • Composting sludge and organic waste
  • Producing fertilising soil amendments

The company’s support

Paprec Agro also supports its customers in:

  • Waste collection and transport
  • Lagoon cleaning and sludge recovery
  • Renovating and operating waste storage facilities
  • Preparing and recovering clinker
  • Grinding green waste
  • Drying sludge and liquid effluents

Working alongside our customers, we place great emphasis on listening to their needs in order to propose solutions that match their requirements. The common denominator is to limit the environmental impact of our activities as far as possible.

Paprec Agro recycles green waste on behalf of public authorities and companies in various activity sectors: agrifood, paper, retail, collective heating and wood panel producers.

With ISO 14001 certification, Paprec Agro works to guarantee the implementation of the commitments involved in this certification based on respect for the environment.

In parallel with these activities, Paprec Agro has been developing an eco-farm since 2014 and running a growing variety of projects:

  • Market gardening based on agroforestry
  • Pasture
  • Experimental parcels
  • Reception areas for the public, etc...

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