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Our expertise has enabled us to propose comprehensive solutions to collect and process your waste over the past 25 years. With agencies in all regions, close to your populations, we can operate in all areas related to waste and cleaning.

As France’s leading recycling firm, we employ 10,000 people; in 2019, we generated turnover of €1.4 billion. Our group has 220 industrial sites throughout France and Switzerland. This local presence means we can propose innovative, customised solutions.

Over 25 years, we have acquired solid expertise in all areas: doorstep and recycling bank collection, recycling centres, the processing of selective collection, delegated management of sorting centres, urban waste collection and cleaning, etc., as well as waste-to-energy plants, landfill sites, the collection and recovery of biowaste and the sale of recycled materials.



We are France’s largest recycling operator today.

We propose comprehensive, customised and innovative solutions to all public authorities thanks to our 220 waste processing and storage sites throughout the country.


Thanks to our local presence, with 220 plants and industrial sites throughout France, and our solid experience, we can provide a wide range of innovative, customised solutions to meet all the requirements of your public authority.


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