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Our mindset

A netword of over 280 sites

We rely on a highly decentralised organisation, with a network of sites covering France and German-speaking Switzerland.

This coverage, adapted to each of the group’s activities, provides a considered response to all waste management and environmental services requirements. Optimised based on the specific characteristics of each treatment stream, our network gives every customer the best possible solution in terms of geographical proximity and operating cost.



At Paprec, there are no generalists who cover all bases, but rather contact people on the ground attached to local sites who specialise in their own area of activity.

This pragmatic organisation ensures the professionalism and technical relevance of the service proposals we make to our customers.


Operating independently, our sites have a high level of freedom to develop and implement their own technical solutions.

This decision-making and investment capacity enables them to put targeted proposals together quickly: providing equipment, maintenance, operational service guarantees, partial equipment financing, etc.



Driven by our ambition of excellence, we are committed to delivering our solutions with the highest possible level of service.

Regular satisfaction surveys evaluate the quality of the service we provide in all its aspects, enabling us to plan improvements: operational efficiency, responsiveness, respect, assistance, commercial relationships, administrative relationships, reporting quality, traceability, etc.


After analysing all the waste circuits involved, we propose a waste management solution designed specifically for your site, in terms of both technical and service aspects: collection arrangements, system for sorting at source, design and supply of equipment, integrated waste disposal centre, etc.

Not to mention training, signage, maintenance, finance and supporting documents.


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