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Logo Desplat


Desplat specialises in industrial and household waste recycling and scrap metal collection in Saône-et-Loire.

This 100-year-old company has made recovery and reuse the focus of its core business.

Le Petit Plus

Visit the website of Le Petit Plus, a subsidiary of the Paprec Group specialising in the collection and recycling of office waste.

This company is affiliated with La Corbeille Bleue, another subsidiary of the Paprec Group, which also specialises in the recycling of office waste. Le Petit Plus is a recognised disability-friendly company (entreprise adaptée), as at least 55% of its employees are people with disabilities.

Le Petit Plus, filiale de Paprec Group
NCI Paysage, filiale de Paprec Group

NCI Paysage

This subsidiary of the Paprec Group specialises in the development of green spaces.

Its range of business activities covers public parks, urban development, playgrounds, multi-use games areas and the maintenance of green spaces.

Paprec Agro

Paprec Agro specialises in the recycling of organic waste and is also involved in composting and shredding.

This subsidiary of the Paprec Group offers treatment solutions for businesses and local authorities.

Logo de Paprec Agro, filiale de Paprec Group
Logo Papre Suisse, filiale de Paprec Group

Paprec Suisse

Paprec Switzerland also specialises in confidential shredding, across all its sites.

Paprec Switzerland is the country's second largest waste treatment company and has several subsidiaries such as Lopatex, Lottner, E. Müller and Rewag for the collection and recycling of paper and cardboard, plastics, scrap metal, wood and ordinary industrial waste, along with DataEx4000 and Reisswolf for the confidential destruction of paper documents and data carriers.


Privacia is a subsidiary of the Paprec Group specialising in confidential destruction.

It was created in 2009 and operates throughout France.


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