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Gros Environnement, waste sorting and collection

Specialising in all activities relating to total waste management and the environment, Gros Environnement joined the Paprec group in 2010.


Gros Environnement, waste collection and recycling

Located in La Mûre (Isère) since 1987, Gros Environnement now processes up to 20,000 tonnes of waste a year.

With perfect mastery of waste collection and recycling techniques, Gros Environnement focuses specifically on :

  • Site waste: we have a sorting line and a storage facility for inert waste (formerly class 3). Gros Environnement also processes waste containing bonded asbestos and friable asbestos.
  • Wood: wood sorting (A and B) and shredding (on site or at the customer’s site using a mobile shredder)
  • Ordinary industrial waste: sorting and recovery
  • Cardboard: baling with a baling press
  • Paper: sorting and recovery
  • Green waste: shredding (on site or at the customer’s site) and delivery to farmers for mixed composting
  • Domestic waste: operation of a storage facility for non-hazardous waste (formerly class 2) on behalf of a local authority
  • Plastics: sorting plastic films (PEBD) and loose hard plastic from collection containers via a sorting line.

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