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From recycling in the Bronze Age to modern optical sorting systems, almost everything in our industry has changed.
In a state of constant technical, economic and legal evolution, the industry now generates revenue worth 160 billion dollars and employees around 1.5 million people. 
Specialist companies are springing up, awareness is being raised, professional recycling tools are being perfected, new materials are recycled each day and the process has now become an integral part of our everyday lives. Even though we may recycle meticulously throughout the year, there are still questions about recycling, which is actually quite understandable. 


Where and when did it all start? How is it done on the other side of the world? Since when have we recycled paper or used rubbish bins? What are your rights and duties on the subject?
For a better idea of the challenges, click here to learn about its history, its legal regulations, its various forms around the world, and its different business components. All the answers to the questions you want to ask about this activity that began on our planet more than 4,000 years ago, and is so successful, it doesn't look like coming to an end any time soon.
By revealing the secrets of the first recycled pottery in Ancient Greece, or by taking a glimpse inside the carts of 19th century Parisian rag-and-bone men, there is also a fascinating journey through human history to be undertaken. And isn't that what really counts? 

Recycling, Paprec Group

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