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Paprec is buying Tiru and is forming the"Paprec Energies" division, dedicated to energy recovery from waste

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The various authorities (monopolies and privatisation) have approved the project. Tiru (formerly Dalkia Wastenergy) is now part of the Paprec group, the French recycling leader. Paprec is forming a “Paprec Energies” division that should have 24 waste energy recovery plants and 5 organic recovery units after two other takeovers planned within the next week. With 4 million tons thus recovered, Paprec now becomes the third ranking French operator in this sector.

Tiru is the technological leader in its field, and is joining the Paprec group today. The Monopolies Authority and the Holdings and Transfers Commission have just approved this merger, without problem. Up to the present, the Paprec group only actually managed three incinerators.

Paprec was formed in 1994 and is the French recycling leader. The group is now entering the field of waste energy recovery. Paprec will be taking over the Tiru group’s 15 waste energy recovery units (12 in France, 2 in the United Kingdom and one in Poland).

Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, Paprec Chairman-Founder, states: “Tiru is a jewel of French industry. Their personnel are permanently focused on new development, to offer customers the best recovery ratios possible for their waste. This is the state of mind on which I’ve built my group for almost 30 years: faultless customer service, customised, high-tech solutions contributing to the ecological transition by giving a second life to waste, in the form of material recovery (recycling) or energy.”

To integrate these professions, the group is forming a dedicated division, called “Paprec Energies”. The division will be a major international operator. In addition to the plants in the United Kingdom, the group is developing major projects in Poland: a plant generating electricity from waste and another producing solid fuels from recovery. These fuels are made from non-recyclable waste and replace coal in industry or heating plants. Thus, Paprec Energies will contribute to the development, in Europe, of projects that reduce the use of fossil resources and limit CO2 emissions.