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Paprec congratulates Tiru for its 2021 environmental transition award

The Tiru-operated facility in Saint-Pedron (Nouvelle Aquitaine) received the 2021 Environmental transition award from the Usine Nouvelle trade publication, for its Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) manufacturing process using household waste. The SRF can be used to replace fossil-derived energies in cement plants.

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The vocation of Tiru is to convert waste into energy. Well-reputed for its expertise in energy or organic recovery facility management, Tiru will join the Paprec group in just a few weeks. It is also an innovating pioneer in the production of solid recovered fuel. Sorting rejects are dried and shredded, then used to replace fossil fuels in industrial heating plants, such as cement kilns.

The Saint-Perdon organic recovery plant was established in 1995. It transforms biodegradable waste into compost. The site has been operated by Tiru since it was created, but belongs to Sitcom, the mixed municipal association which manages waste collection and processing for 81 municipal customers in Marsan, representing 88,000 residents. It receives, processes, and recovers around 22,500 tonnes of household and other waste every year.

Previously, non-biodegradable waste left the site as waste rejects. Now, using a thermo-voltaic process developed by a Gironde-based firm, it can be used to replace fossil-derived fuels in cement plants. The airing and drying process developed earned this plant the 2021 factory environmental transition award from Usine Nouvelle.

Since the start of the year, 126 solar photovoltaic panels have been installed on the factory roof, to produce hot air and energy to run large fans. The aim is to dramatically lower the moisture level of the waste to meet the requirements of cement kiln plants. Smart regulation systems and remote controls offer ways to optimise system efficiency.

"Innovating to deliver high-tech solutions to generate value from waste is in the mindset of Paprec. Since the company was founded, this is the 37th award we have received" confirms Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, CEO and founder of the Paprec group. "We have made immense innovations in recycling, return to soil, anaerobic digestion and SRF", continues Jean-Luc, concluding "Thank you and well done to all Tiru staff! I wish them a warm welcome to our Group, and our efforts to transform the waste management universe with robotics, digital technologies and innovation."

The production of SRF will require development to make the dramatic cuts to landfill volumes required by the law on the energy transition. Here also, Paprec is positioned as an innovative generator of ideas. Group teams designed a high-tech facility for their customer, the Syndicat des Portes de Provence, dedicated to converting waste rejects into SRF.