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Île-de-France : Paprec will produce biogas from foodwaste

Paprec has been commissioned to build and operate a methanisation plant for food waste produced in Île-de-France.

The contract awarded to the French number three in waste and energy recovery by Syctom, the syndicate responsible for managing household waste in the Ile-de-France region, and Sigeif, the largest energy syndicate in France, provides for the design, construction and operation for 19 years of a plant capable of processing 50,000 tonnes of waste. The treatment of this food waste will produce biogas, which will be injected into the Ile-de-France network and will therefore help to reduce dependence on gas imports.

The plant represents an investment of 52 million euros, half coming from Paprec. Work will begin in January 2024 with entry into service scheduled for mid-2025. It will also produce 43,000 tons of agricultural fertilizer. Source sorting of food waste will be mandatory from December 31, 2023, paving the way for its recovery.

The plant “will transform waste hitherto buried or incinerated into green gas and organic fertilizers. It will thus make it possible to preserve natural resources and to advance in the energy independence of the territory”, affirms the president of Paprec Jean-Luc Petithuguenin.

During the first ten years of exploration, during the ramp-up of waste collection in Île-de-France, “Paprec will provide the additional bio-waste necessary for the saturation of the production tool, which will be obtained from 2027” , according to the general manager of the company, Stéphane Leterrier.