• Hazardous industrial waste (HIW)

    Paprec Group, hazardous waste

    Some of the waste generated by industries is said to hazardous. They are sent to specialised treatment facilities where they will be treated accordingly. Some examples of HIW: solvents, varnishes, glue, tar...

  • Household waste

    Paprec Group, household waste

    This is the day to day garbage that you generate. For example: food leftovers, cans, aluminium foil…

  • Household waste recycling center (garbage dumps)

    Garbage dumpster, Paprec Group

    A closed space where individuals can dump all waste that can not be collected by the usual means : bulky items such as household electrical and electronic equipment; furniture; toxic or flammable material; pollutants such as motor oil, car batteries, paints, and solvents; green waste such as cut grass, branches, dead leaves; rubble and scrap metal… the waste is then transported to their appropriate recycling factory, depending on the type of waste.