• Neon lighting

    Paprec Group upcycles neons lighting

    Fluorescent lighting using neon gas is a special case. Neon gas always gives out a distinctive red light, and other gases need to be used to obtain other colours. The term “neon lights” is often wrongly used for these other-coloured lamps, and their proper name should be “fluorescent tube.” Neon lamps were invented in 1910 by Georges Claude, for which he became very popular.

  • Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste (NHIW)

    Paprec Group, Non-Hazardous-Industrial-Waste (NHIW)

    NHIW comes from industries and companies, and is not immediately dangerous for the environment. The Paprec factories process the large amount of NHIW that industries generate: paper, cardboard, packaging, wood trimmings, mechanical pieces…