Biogas (Landfill gas)


Anaerobic digestion is a fermentation process that transforms organic matter into compost, methane, and CO2.
In non-hazardous waste storage facilities (ISDND in French), organic household waste can be composted using anaerobic digestion.
The resulting methane gas can be used to generate electricity or heat. Of the 301 official ISDND’s, 201 capture landfill gases, and 71 actually recover and use it. 

The Objectives

Anaerobic digestion increases waste recovery, can bolster farming, makes biogas used for fuel, and reduces land-filled waste by 15%.
Due to its potential for generating electricity and heat, reducing greenhouse gas and nonpoint source pollution (NPS) emissions, France has committed, at the Grenelle de l’Environnement and other European decisions, to use anaerobic digestion for 23% of renewable energy before 2020.

Waste heat recovery and biogas

The Process

Anaerobic digestion is a process by which organic material is broken down by micro organisms in the absence of oxygen.
Waste is placed in containers. As it decomposes, it releases methane and a liquid called leachate. Methane gas is captured and feeds turbines to create electricity, or furnaces for generating heat.

Our Contribution

Paprec has setup processes to catch and recover biogas in 4 landfill sites: La Chapelle-sur-Oreuse (89), Montmirail (72), Brive (19) and Aire-sur-l'Adour (40).
83% of the collected biogas is recovered by Paprec, and biogas turbines are to be set up in all the company’s (nonhazardous) waste storage facilities.

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