Recycling wood

The Resources

There is an estimated 14 million tons of wood waste produced each year in France. According to the ADEME (the agency for environment and energy management), 90% of this waste is recovered, and 49% is upcycled.
Wood is traditionally separated into two categories:

  • Class A wood (chemically untreated), from primary wood conversion, untreated and unpainted dry wood, pallets…
  • Class B wood (light chemical treatment), which includes furniture, panelling, rubble free wood from demolition sites, logging waste (stumps, logs, etc)…
Paprec Group, wood palets

The Objective

Wood waste has two uses: recovery in the woodchip panelling industry, and energy recycling in heating. One ton of recycled wood saves 1.5m3 of wood, 700kg of coal, and 300 litres of fuel.

Paprec Group, wood

The Process

Wood waste is collected at wood treatment facilities, sorted, and then ground to different sized particles.
Impurities such as iron, non-ferrous elements, stones, plastic, or glass are then eliminated.
The pellets are screened and quality-controlled, before been used to make woodchip panels, work surfaces, treated tablets, isolation panels…

Our Contribution

Every year, Paprec upcycles 300 000 tons of wood, which includes 300 000 pallets, in 25 factories. All sites are equipped with grinding units that can sort, grind, and purify the wood, according to very strict regulations and rigorous quality control.
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