Selling recycled paper and cardboard

Having collected and sorted the paper and cardboard, Paprec sells off the newly created raw material. Let us see where these recycled material go:


To stay competitive while encouraging local industries, Paprec balances its sales as follows: 40% to France, 40% to Europe, and 20% to Asia. In Europe, the Group first exports to Germany and Spain due to their renowned paper making industry. But other countries also buy our recycled products: Italy, Slovenia, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, and the UK.


Further out is Asia, which has become an important client for Paprec, for they have become the number one paper maker, with 170 million tons of paper made each year. Paprec’s first Asian client was China, working together since 1998. They are equipped with some of the world most advanced machines. One of our main clients, Nine Dragons, is about to become the world leader in paper making, ousting the American giant International Paper.
China uses a lot of low grade paper such as cardboard and other brown fibres. Simply put, they export a lot of products to Europe. They then recuperate the packaging and boxes of the products sent out by boat.
Indonesia is another big consumer of low grade paper and cardboard. India and Korea are regular clients, with a bigger need for medium grade products such as flyers and newspaper


Paprec guarantees high quality for all its clients. This is the only condition to continue exporting. No container has ever been returned, thanks to the draconian quality control we carry out.
The paper and cardboard recycling cycle is a step-by-step process. Discover the different steps:

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