Recycling Hazardous Industrial Waste (HIW)

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Hazardous industrial waste can be harmful to human beings and the environment. HIW includes used oils, solvents, paint, batteries, soiled packaging, aerosols, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, phytosanitary products, industrial  sludge…
France produces an estimated 7 million tons of such products.

The Objective

Because they contain materials that pollute the air, water, or soils, special collecting and treatment processes are used for HIW.
Each branch of the recycling industry must comply to their own specific regulations, in terms of responsibility, traceability, and method

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Our Contribution

Paprec has developed a specialized expertise in hazardous waste management, with state of the art equipment and updated services: proper collection methods, on-site waste sorting, supplying of proper equipment and signs, a concept for integrated waste disposal, training, maintenance.
A specialized organisation, Recydis, is assigned to collecting, recycling, and treating HIW from construction and industrial sites. The Recydis teams are also there to assist the clients and support the environment: setting up waste management procedures specific to each site, quicker response, optimised collection frequency.
Finally, thanks to our guarantees in terms of security, traceability, and waste destruction, Paprec has become a recognised specialist in the management of difficult recycling sectors such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
The following locations are part of the Recydis network :

  • Blanc-Mesnil
  • Pont-Sainte-Maxence
  • Bourges
  • La Rochelle
  • Cahors
  • Pau
  • Le Mans

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