Recycling End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV)

The Resources

In 2011, France put 2.2 million vehicles into circulation.
Each year, close to 1.5 million tons of vehicles reach their end-of-life, which amounts to the same volume of waste.

Paprec Group, end-of-life vehicles

The Objectives

According to the ADEME (agency for the environment and energy management), the current figures for the recycling and recovery of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) stand at about 81%, but the European ELV directive has set that objective at 95% by 2015.
France has about 1500 wrecking yards and 50 authorized crushers, which is enough to deal with all its ELV needs.

Dismantling vehicle Paprec Group

The Process

To begin with, the vehicles are cleaned: liquid waste and hazardous objects (brake fluid, coolant, oils, batteries…) are extracted and sent to their specific recycling branches.
Parts meant for re-use (lights, blinkers, engine, radiator, starter, hood, wings, doors…) are dismantled and stored for future sale.
The body and non recyclable parts (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass, rubber…) are ground for recovery or land-filling.

Our Contribution

Paprec, through its subsidiaries Desplat (21), Prévost Environment (46) and Echalier (63), treats ELV in accordance with the current vehicle cleanup regulations.
Paprec has a lot of expertise in vehicle cleanup and dismantling, as well as the sale of used parts.

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