List of equipment concerned by the recycling of WEEE

Can you recycle your mobile phone? Your camera? You tablet, PC or television? Yes, many objects from daily life are collected and recovered nowadays, since the vast majority of appliances powered by batteries or mains electricity can be recycled as electrical and electronic waste. A look at the major families in this recyclable waste category.

Eleven Types of WEEE

Although recycling centres subdivide waste from electrical and electronic equipment into four categories (small household appliances, screens and large appliances, cold and non-cold), WEEE regulations in fact identify eleven types.
These are :

Large Domestic Appliances

This waste category covers two WEEE sub-categories :

  • Equipment that exchanges heat, such as ovens, boilers, radiators and refrigerators
  • and other large domestic appliances, i.e. dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

Small Domestic Appliances

A recyclable waste category that includes toasters, coffee machines, vacuum-cleaners, watches, hair-dryers, food mixers, kettles, etc.

Computer and Telecoms Equipment

Here again, there are two separate sub-categories of electrical and electronic waste concerned in collection and recycling :

  • Screens, monitors, portable computers and tablets with screens larger than 100 cm2.
  • Other computer and telecoms waste, such as CPUs, photocopiers, printers, calculators, mobile and landline phones and Internet routers.

Consumer Goods

Eco-organisations and companies like Paprec Group collect and recover the following components of this type of WEEE :

  • Screens, monitors and other equipment with screens larger than 100 cm2, i.e. televisions or digital photo/video frames.
  • Other consumer goods concerned by recycling: cameras, radios, video recorders, DVD players, amplifiers, speakers, headsets, remote controls, musical instruments, video projectors, etc.

Lighting Equipment

A WEEE family in which are found :

  • Miscellaneous lamps (sodium vapour, LED, fluorescent tubes, etc.)
  • Indoor and outdoor light fittings, other than domestic, such as light paths, decorative light fittings, ceiling fittings and Christmas lights.
  • Safety lighting appliances and road, port and airport sign lighting.

Electrical and Electronic Tools

This category includes the following waste items: drills, saws, chainsaws, liquid-spraying equipment, sewing machines, electric screwdrivers, mowers, electric cement mixers, paper shredders, etc.

Toys and Other Leisure and Sports Equipment

The following equipment is concerned in the collection and reclaiming of waste: portable video game consoles, discovery toys, radio-controlled vehicles, domestic Christmas lights, sports equipment including electrical or electronic components, portable domestic lamps, etc.

Medical Devices (with the Exception of Implanted or Infected Devices)

A waste family that includes radiotherapy and medical imaging equipment, dialysis equipment, pulmonary ventilators, all types of equipment used in the detection, treatment or relief of illnesses and injuries, etc.

Monitoring and Control Instruments

This electrical and electronic waste collection and recycling category comprises several appliance sub-categories, including :

  • Power management and control instruments
  • Electronic safety devices (alarm systems, access control, intruder detection devices, intercoms, etc.)
  • Fire safety systems (smoke-detectors, alarm systems, etc.)
  • Solar protection and closure systems (motorised doors, radio receivers, roller-shutters, blinds, etc.)
  • Measuring and test instruments (time, acoustic, magnetic and photometric measuring devices, multimeters, gas chromatographs, etc.)
  • Monitoring and control equipment for industrial plant (sensors, logic controllers, electronic panels, rotary motors, actuators, etc.)
  • Instruments for monitoring and controlling technical conditions in animal husbandry and similar products (systems for the conservation and study of animal materials such as milk, eggs, etc.)
  • Electrical power supplies for equipment and their control devices (battery chargers, transformers, converters, etc.)

Vending Machines

Whether they automatically deliver hot drinks, bottles, cans, money or solid products, all types of vending machinery are included in this electrical and electronic waste category.

Photovoltaic Panels

Note that, while this waste family obviously includes photovoltaic panels at the end of life, other WEEE that includes photovoltaic cells (solar calculators, solar garden lighting, solar chargers, etc.) also fall into the categories covered by this type of equipment.
The recycling batteries and waste electrical and electronic equipment is a step-by-step process. Discover the different steps :

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