Compost (Agricultural waste recovery)

Organic waste from farming and forestry, from communities or households can be composted to create high-quality fertilizing for soils, instead of being stored and decomposed, which releases a lot of greenhouse gases. Compost is obtained by decomposing organic waste such as non recyclable wood, green waste, and other organic waste (sewage sludge, biowaste).


Industrial composting, or agricultural waste recovery, is a recent activity, therefore estimating the amount of available resources is difficult. However, it is a promising activity, and the amount of available resources is bound to increase in the future.

The Objectives

Compost is used to help grow crops. It enhances the soil with nutrients and stable organic matter.
Composting can also help recover sewage sludge, a goal that communities and industries are particularly fond of.

The Process

Compost is a natural biological process whereby organic matter is decomposed by micro-organisms.
The various types of waste (wood, plants, sludge…) are mixed together, then fermented for 21 days. The compost is then stabilised by a maturation phase that lasts between 1 and 2 months. It is then sieved to remove large particles.

Our Contribution

Paprec collects and processes 150 000 tons of organic waste and 50 000 tons of sludge per year, mainly through its subsidiary AES that specialises in organic waste management, in Saint-Christophe-de-Double (33) and Saint-Paul-la-Roche (24).
Paprec guarantees the quality and innocuousness of the compost through rigorous analysis of trace elements and composites, ensuring that they stay within the set limits.

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