Confidential destruction

Paprec deals with the confidential destruction of all sorts of materials, guaranteeing complete privacy and security.

Secure confidential destruction

Records management, shredding, destruction of digital media… Two Paprec subsidiaries Confidentialys in France, and Reisswolf in France and Switzerland, offer a range of services for on-site, off-site, or mobile processing of your confidential waste.
These operations are carried out in secure conditions, by security vetted staff. All traceability norms are strictly respected. 

Confidentialys uses trucks for shredding

Europe’s biggest facility

Confidentialys and Reisswolf carry out confidential destruction on specifically set-up sites:

  • Secure containers, 70 to 410 Litres
  • Closed collection vehicles
  • Client supervised destruction (by appointment)
  • Secure sites with video-surveillance
  • Full acceptance of the waste producer’s responsibility clause

Confidentialys’ main site, based at La Courneuve (93), offers confidential destruction on a high-surveillance, high-security site:

  • 14 cameras,
  • 8 access control points with 4 different authorization zones,
  • 18 anti-intrusion detection points,
  • 24h security.

Confidentialys has other agencies in Rennes (35), Saint-Brieuc (22), Lyon (69), Varces (38), and Toulouse (31). Reisswolf has agencies in France, at Lille (51), Rouen (76), and in Switzerland at Bâle, Lucerne, and Zurich.

On-Demand Destruction of all Media Formats

Both Confidentialys and Reisswolf offer confidential on-site destruction, using secure grinding and shredding trucks:

  • Large capacity containers.
  • Security trained and vetted personnel.
  • Official report delivered at the end of the process.

Different branches and specific processes exist for other types of material:

  • Hard drives
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • VHS tapes
  • Sealed records
  • Custom seized counterfeits
  • Unsold luxury textiles
  • Etc

After the destruction process, all leftovers are unidentifiable and ready to be recycled.

Confidentialys skips to collect confidential documents

Customised solutions for all your waste

Please feel free to tell us about your confidential waste needs. We will supply you with customised solutions: collection, drop-off points, an advisor.

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