Processing selectively collected waste

For communities today, selectively collected waste processing is a major issue.

Complying with the objectives set by the Grenelle de l’Environnement

The Grenelle de l’Environnement has set a certain number of goals for reducing waste and increasing recovery rates of organic and non-organic materials:

  • Reducing household waste by 7% by 2014.
  • Increasing recovery rates of material and organic waste to 35% by 2012, and 45% by 2015.
  • Decreasing the amount of stored and incinerated waste by 15% by 2012.
  • Reaching a 75% recycling rate for household packaging waste by 2012

Give priority to the recycling

Paprec supplies communities with alternative methods of waste processing, in an effort to maximise recovery rates.
Based on the company’s experience, knowledge, and innovative vision, these solutions attempt to anticipate future changes in regulations.

High performance sorting

Paprec uses cutting edge technology (optical sorting machinery for hollow or full objects, ballistic separators, etc) allowing to achieve high waste-recovery rates.
Add that to the autonomy of our local agencies, and Paprec is able to maintain a high level of reactivity and flexibility in the choice of methods used to deal with the various types of waste.

Our agencies

Agencies able to process selectively sorted waste are:

  • Paprec Ile-de-France Nord in Blanc Mesnil (93)
  • Paprec Ouest 44 in Saint-Herblain (44)
  • Paprec Ouest 49 in Seiches-Sur-Le-Loir (49)
  • Paprec Nord in Harnes (62)
  • Paprec Sud-Ouest in Bruguières (31)
  • Paprec Sud-Ouest Atlantique in Montardon (64)
  • Paprec Rhône-Alpes in Chassieu (69)
  • Paprec Lorraine in Custines (54)
  • Echalier in Clermont-Ferrand (63)
  • Desplat in Dijon

No waste left behind

Based on our unique experience and our in-depth knowledge of the raw material market, Paprec is also in charge of negotiating prices for the materials that the communities have sorted themselves (or sorted by their own operatives): old paper, plastics, wood, metals, etc.

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