Paprec is France’s n°1 plastic recycler!

Plastics recycling Paprec Group

Recycling all types of plastic

Paprec Plastiques collects and processes household, agribusiness, and industrial plastic waste: manufacturing trimmings, machine purges, defects, thermoformed, films, covers… All plastic processed in accordance with decree 94-609 of July 13th, 1994.
Materials treated and recycled are: ABS, PA, PC, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PS, PVC.
The factories’ end products are: PET pellets, granules, grinded plastic, micronized plastic, etc.

An exemplary recycling capacity

Paprec Plastiques is one of France’s main players in the plastic waste recycling industry, with over 300 000 tons of plastic treated and recycled. Paprec Plastiques employs over 200 collaborators, has 12 factories in 12 registered and “Quality” certified sites, spread over 150 000m2.
Paprec Plastiques is present in the following towns: La Neuve-Lyre (27), Saint-Herblain (44), Mazières-en-Mauge (49), Trémentines (49), Verdun (55), Cahors (46), and soon in Elven (56).

Paprec's collection solutions for plastics

Outsource your waste logistics

Paprec Plastiques supplies logistical solutions that allow you to optimise the source-sorting and transport of plastic waste.
You are supplied with a large amount of various resources: 17 to 35m3 skips, compactors, wire mesh containers, bale presses, big-bags…
Paprec is in charge of the waste collection, guaranteeing proper deadlines.

Customised solutions for your waste

Please feel free to tell us about your plastic recycling needs. We will supply you with a customised solution: collection, drop off points, an advisor.
In each Paprec factory, one of our employees has an overall knowledge of every aspect of the recycling industry, allowing him to process your particular waste-mix using every Paprec resource available.

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