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Unique and time-honoured skills

Paprec has 50 factories in France, 34 of which are capable of recycling over 2,5 million tons of paper and cardboard every year.
The Group’s network is fitted with modern and dependable equipment, ensuring efficient logistics for the treatment of your waste: transportation vehicles, compactors, skips, sorting lines…

La proximité d'un réseau de collecte national

Our paper and cardboard recycling centres are:
Paprec Agencies :
Paprec Centre in Gasville-Oisème (28), Paprec Ile-de-France in La Courneuve (93), Le Blanc-Mesnil (93), Malesherbes (45), Villeneuve-le-Roi (94), Paprec Lorraine in Custines (54), Paprec Méditerranée in Pujaut (30) and Vitrolles (13), Paprec Normandie in Acquigny (27), Paprec Rhône-Alpes in Varces (38) and St-Priest (69), Paprec Nord à Harnes (62), Paprec Sud-Ouest in Bruguières (31), Paprec Sud-Ouest Atlantique in Montardon (64), Paprec Bretagne in Le-Rheu (35), Ergué Gabéric (29), Saint-Gonnery (56), Trégueux (22), Paprec Ouest in Saint-Berthevin (53), Saint-Herblain (44) and Seiches-sur-le-Loir (49), Paprec Touraine in Joué-lès-Tours (37), Paprec Bourgogne in Dijon (21).
Prévost Environnement : factories in Mercuès (46), Catus (46), Biars (46), Bagnac (46) and Fumel (47).
CDI Recyclage : CDI Centre (18), CDI Nord (59), CDI Normandie (76) and CDI Touraine (37).
Lottner AG : Lottner in Bâle, Lopatex AG in Zürich and E. Müller in Lucerne. 

Customised solutions for your waste

Please feel free to tell us about your paper and cardboard recycling needs via our online form. We will supply you with a customised solution: collection, drop off points, an advisor.

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