Office paper

La Corbeille Bleue is our branch dedicated to managing the collection and treatment of office paper waste generated by companies and administrations.

An all-in-one solution

Paprec supports the increasing awareness for social and environmental responsibility, and as such has become the leader in the collection and treatment of office paper.
Through its service offer La Corbeille Bleue, Paprec offers a wide range of solutions for the management of office paper waste.
Paprec owns 5 factories in France that recycle over 100 000 tons of office paper, archives, and confidential documents per year.
La Corbeille Bleue’s agencies are:

  • Bruguières (31)
  • Lyon (69)
  • La Courneuve (93)
  • Varces (38)
  • Le Rheu (35)
Office paper : collection solutions of Paprec

Sorting and upcycling paper

La Corbeille Bleue supplies companies with rubbish bins made by Burocity, for sorting office waste at the source. The company also supplies a varied range of storage and collection furniture: skips, boxes, etc.
In our factories, all your office waste can be collected for treatment and recovery. We also take care of the destruction of your confidential documents at our secure sites or at your site, using autonomous garbage compactor trucks.

The daily recovery of paper

  • Implementing methods for optimising the sorting process at the source.
  • Supplying sorting equipment at the source.
  • Supplying storage and collection equipment.
  • Collection and treatment of office waste.

Destruction of archives and office-space emptying.

Paprec also manages the cleaning out of your archive storage spaces, with secure vehicle transportation and shredding at our authorised sites.
For all your office waste (old papers, archives, cumbersome garbage…), Paprec offers an all-inclusive package that includes collection equipment, cleaning, collecting, transport, and treatment of waste in our registered factories.

Customised solutions for your waste

Please feel free to tell us about your office waste recycling needs. We will supply you with a customised solution: collection, drop off points, an advisor.

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