End of Life Vehicles (ELV)

The collecting, cleaning, treatment, and recovery of End of Life Vehicles.

Decontamination End of Life Vehicles Paprec Group

The work of two experts

Through its three subsidiaries Desplat, Prévost Environnement and Echalier, Paprec processes ELV, in accordance with vehicle decontamination regulations. Paprec therefore has real experts working on the decontamination, the disassembly, and selling of spare parts. 
Our ELV network is: Prévost Environnement in Mercuès (46), Échalier in Saint-Ours-les-Roches (63) and Desplat in Chalon sur Saône.

Collecting and managing the paperwork

As per the requests of insurance companies, automakers, impound yards, garages, and auto-repairs, Paprec takes care of the removal and storage of ELV.
After the decontamination and treatment processes, Paprec also processes the vehicle’s administrative papers (vehicle registration, insurance papers…) and the subsequent administrative destruction of the vehicle’s papers. 

End of Life Vehicle treatment Paprec Group

Decontamination and treatment

Paprec decontaminates end of life vehicles and recuperates fluids: coolants, washer fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid… After storage in the proper containers, these fluids are sent to the hazardous waste centres before transiting towards the proper recycling factories.
Spare parts for reuse are dismantled and stored to be resold. The leftover scrap metal is sorted, cut up, and compacted for recovery.

Customised solutions for your waste

Please feel free to tell us about your ELV recycling needs. We will supply you with a customised solution: collection, traceability, an advisor…

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