Construction waste

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An expert in all types of waste

An expert in all types of waste

Paprec Environnement, a Paprec Group subsidiary, has specialized in collecting, treating, and recovering waste from construction sites:

  • Inert waste (rubble, concrete blocks, tiles…).
  • Non hazardous waste (scrap iron, PVC, polystyrene…).
  • Hazardous waste (asbestos, spackle, polluted soil…).

Paprec Environnement collects and treats close to 600 000 tons of waste every year.

Vers un chantier propre

In order to help clients in the construction industry reach HQE, Breeam, or Leed regulations, Paprec Environnement guarantees clean construction sites during the main structure and finishing work stages. To ensure this, the following methods are used:

  • The use of a modern truck fleet as well as alternative transportation methods (river boats).
  • Optimisation of the sorting process at the construction site (specific waste skips for sorting at the source, information panels, on-site staff for quality control on large construction sites.)
  • Setting up specific solutions for urban construction sites (for example, using grapple trucks to collect big bags).
  • Cleaning up the site after construction.

In addition, the Paprec Environnement teams make sure that regulations are followed on a day-to-day basis, and also deal with the paperwork:

  • Filling in the waste monitoring slips (France - BSD).
  • Monthly reports for the clients.
  • Setting up the new Waste In/Out Registry.

Better waste sorting

In accordance with Paprec’s commitments, every effort is made to optimise the recovery rate of construction waste and reduce its environmental impact:

  • Optimising the sorting processes (at the factories in Gennevilliers and Wissous).
  • Developing the use of barges for transport of waste.
  • The recovery of secondary raw material.
Paprec Chantiers services

Efficient logistics

The Paprec Group has two factories dedicated to recycling construction waste, as well as other agencies for servicing them:

  • Paprec Environnement in Gennevilliers (92)
  • Paprec Environnement in Wissous (91)
  • Paprec Ouest 44 in Saint-Herblain (44)
  • Paprec Méditerranée (Sophed-Santiard) in Marseille (13)
  • Paprec Sud-Ouest in Bruguières (31)
  • Paprec Sud-Ouest Atlantique in Montardon (61)
  • NCI Environnement in Hyères (83)

Please feel free to tell us about your construction waste problems, we will supply a customised solution.
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