Waste sorting facility management

Waste sorting facilities, also known as Civic Amenity sites (CA site) or Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC), often speak for a community’s achievements. To live up to this task, Paprec offers its knowledge and skills, the thoroughness and innovation of a recycling specialist, able to process a large variety of material. Every day, over 200 CA sites place their trust in Paprec.

Paprec Group's waste disposal

Five Important Commitments

Paprec’s mission: to manage CA sites, every step of the way, from the arrival of the waste to its evacuation for treatment. Paprec is committed to supplying an all-inclusive solution for the treatment of waste, as well as setting up new recycling branches: class A wood, plastic films, hard plastics.
Paprec is committed to achieving the highest possible recovery rate for every material. Paprec is committed to help companies set-up for and obtain ISO 14001 certifications.
Paprec is committed to setting you on the best path to excellence. We create new branches for recycling, anticipating the obligations linked to regulations set by eco-companies (REP Meubles, REP DMS).

Waste Arrival Management

Respecting the Basics
A clean site, strictly maintained opening hours, rigorous sorting rules upheld by trained employees, security (video-surveillance), and transparent access of all data for the local communities through dedicated software. For the facility’s administrators, we design special signage on the CA site and the garbage skips with information panels for environmental awareness. Video-surveillance for the security of both the personnel and the equipment is also set-up. 

Waste Removal

Strong Key Features
Waste removal is carried out by optimised and adapted tools and transportation methods (Rollpackage and double-container garbage trucks). Our containmers are clean, resistant, and well adapted to their task.
Our trucks are equipped with GPS (Endeavour Software) for full traceability.
Our large fleet of trucks is ideal for quick response.

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