Composting facilities

Paprec agencies (Paprec Environnement, NCI Environnement, and Gros Environnement) are in charge of transporting, storing, and transforming your green waste at their composting facilities. In addition to these agencies, AES specialises in the recovery of green and organic waste, and has been for 10 years.

Paprec Group, composting facilities

Back to the Earth

The Paprec facilities are equipped with the latest compost grinders to process non-recyclable wood waste, green waste, and organic waste. In the Aquitaine and Limousin regions, AES produces 50 000 tons of compost each year, all conforming to NF U44095 norms and regulations.

Helping the local environment

Manufactured using natural and biological processes, compost is mostly used by the agricultural world, but also by anyone else (professionals, individuals, communities) wanting to organically enrich their soil with environmentally friendly methods. 
Farmers and scientists all agree that compost is the best alternative solution to chemical fertilizers, and that recovering organic waste for agricultural purposes is without doubt a durable waste management solution.

The industrial process

Each year, 40 000 tons of sludge are processed at AES’s two composting facilities, in Saint-Paul-La-Roche (Dordogne), and Saint-Christophe-De-Double (Gironde).
The sludge, produced by water treatment plants (urban and industrial one), is mixed with green waste. This mixture is fermented, refined, then matured in strict temperature and humidity controlled conditions.

Quality guaranteed

The composting process is subject to a French Norm (NF), and is thus rigorously controlled, guarantying that the final product is harmless for the environment and of good farming quality. AES keeps traceability tabs on all products going in and out of the process. Each step of the process is thoroughly analysed to ensure its conformity to regulations. 

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