The Swiss group Lottner, paper/cardboard recycling and confidential document shredding specialist, joined Paprec in 2010


Paprec Suisse is a Swiss family enterprise created in 1896, and is currently the n°2 paper/cardboard recycler in Switzerland, an activity that represents 85% of its business. In 2010, Lottner generated a net turnover of 25M€ for 150 000 tonnes of treated waste.
Lottner also processes other waste such as NHIW or scrap iron, and is also very active in the confidential shredding business.
With about 100 collaborators, Paprec Suisse works exclusively in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, with offices in Bâle, Zurich, and Lucerne. Its different subsidiaries are:

  • Lottner AG, that recycles paper, cardboard, NHIW, and household waste in its two Bâle sites.
  • Lopatex AG, in Zurich, for the collection and recycling of paper and cardboard.
  • Müller AG, in Lucerne, for the recycling of paper, cardboard, and scrap iron.
  • Data Ex 4000, in Zurich, specialising in confidential shredding.

Lottner is also a specialist in the confidential shredding business, which is processed by all its sites and agencies. 
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