In 2010, Paprec purchased NCI Environnement, the parent company of Gros Environnement. This subsidiary, based in La Mûre (Isère, 38), is headed by its founder Franck Gros, and has developed a global set of skills in all activities pertaining to waste management and the environment.

25 Years of Recycling Know-How

Gros Environnement started diversifying into the collection and transport of nonhazardous industrial waste as early as 1987. Since 2005, the agency manages an authorised sorting facility. Thanks to its constant efforts, the company now treats 20 000 tonnes of waste every year. 

Extensive Expertise in Waste Collection

To start with, the agency manages the collection, in garbage skips, of NHIW, scrap iron, cardboard, construction waste (inert waste, fibre cement, wood…), wood and glass waste. It is also in charge of drop-off sites, glass, household packaging, newspaper and magazines, and household waste.
For the collection process, Gros Environnement uses multi-container dumpster trucks, hook loaders, grapple equipped hook loaders, and household waste collection lorries.

Extensive Expertise in Waste Treatment and Recovery

  • Construction Waste: the company has a sorting line and a storage facility for inert waste. It can also treat fibre cement and asbestos.
  • Wood: the sorting (A and B class) and grinding (on or off site, via mobile grinding units) of wood.
  • Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste (NHIW): sorting and recovery of NHIW.
  • Cardboard : Balers condition the waste into bales.
  • Paper: sorting and recovery
  •  Green waste: grinding (on or off site) and compost delivery to farms.
  • Household waste: management of waste storage facilities (Civic Amenity sites) for communities.
  • Plastic: sorting of LDPE plastic films via a sorting line; sorting of mixed hard plastics from garbage bins.

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