Established in 1988, Coved Environnement is a specialist provider of services to local authorities, and joined the Paprec Group in April 2017. This will enable the Paprec Group to become a national waste collection, recovery and recycling champion.

Coved Environnement : key figures

Covering France and including all the subsidiary’s activities, here are Coved Environnement's key figures

Coved Environnement Key Figures

A range of activities but a focus on local authorities

The Paprec Group’s subsidiary Coved Environnement has a diverse range of business activities, but focuses on local authorities, as demonstrated by this breakdown :

Coved Environnement activities

Coved Environnement's business activities

Here is more detail on Coved Environnement's business activities and the volumes involved : 

  • Household waste collection: One of Coved Environnement's main businesses, it collects household waste from 5 million people. 


  • Storage: Coved Environnement has 12 non-hazardous waste storage facilities (ISDND). This storage business allows it to generate 38,784 Mwh of electricity a year!


  • The processing of selectively collected waste: At its 15 operational sorting centres, Coved Environnement sorted the selective collections from 4 million residents in 2016. This represents 198,000 tonnes of sorted waste.


  • Recycling centres: With 180 recycling centres in France, Coved Environnement collects 655,000 tonnes of waste.


  • Composing units: Located on 7 sites, these units compost 77,000 tonnes of waste per year


  • The treatment of industrial waste: With 4,854 customers served by 14 waste sorting centres across France, Coved Environnement treats 266,000 tonnes of industrial waste.


Coved Environnement

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