La Corbeille Bleue is a Paprec Group subsidiary dedicated to the management, collection and treatment of waste office paper generated by companies and government offices.

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La Corbeille Bleue is a subsidiary of Paprec Group and specialises in meeting recycling needs in the tertiary sector. Head offices, banks, insurance and private health care companies, consulting firms, civil service offices, as well as all office buildings, whatever their size, are obvious customers for La Corbeille Bleue. 
La Corbeille Bleue works with all the waste subsidiaries of Paprec Group (paper, cardboard, toners, bio-waste, electrical and electronic waste, wood, neon tubes, batteries, metal, plastics, etc.) on a national scale.
By developing its ability to overcome recycling and confidential data protection issues,  La Corbeille Bleue offers its customers comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to assist them in :

  • Respecting their regulatory objectives
  • Identifying and achieving their environmental objectives
  • Developing their CSR actions
La Corbeille Bleue

Regulatory obligations :

Regulatory obligations that apply to office sites fall under several laws, and are gradually stepping up duties to sort, collect separately and account for the recycling of several types of waste (office papers, bio-waste, plastics, etc.).
La Corbeille Bleue provides its partners with regular information on the changes in their waste management obligations. La Corbeille Bleue also provides them with the ability to evaluate their compliance and identify additional actions to be undertaken.
Recycling certificates, waste management tracking, reporting, traceability, actual weight, etc. are all issues on which La Corbeille Bleue can provide guidance for its customers!

Environmental objectives :

Whatever the size of a building, it produces several types of waste and presents many different operational limitations (high-rise building, multi-site company, complex access system, size of the waste storage area, etc.).
Deciding on a fair set of environmental objectives can be challenging.
La Corbeille Bleue provides guidance to its customers by following a comprehensive methodology , starting with an audit phase and mapping of existing practices. Building analysis, waste flow management, existing office culture, complete determination of your waste and identification of your expectations in terms of SD (sustainable development) and CSR will help to compose a clear picture of your site's recycling potential, and to pinpoint the ideal solution that will allow you to reach your objectives.
This solution may include pre-collected and collected materials, collection frequency, recycling facilities on various floors, right up to the recycling centre, but it will also encompass communication assistance to reach all the players involved (occupants, cleaning companies, sustainable development and CSR departments, building logistics, purchasing, etc.) and the required reporting process to steer your environmental performance in the right direction.
La Corbeille Bleue also provides guidance for its customers during environmental certification (HQE, BREEAM, etc.) and leads the way towardsvery effective reporting systems that can track the real weight of the recycling flow inside your building ! 

La Corbeille Bleue
La Corbeille Bleue

How La Corbeille Bleue can support your Corporate Social Responsibility policy :

La Corbeille Bleue is an extension of PAPREC GROUP'S CSR policy, and encourages certain partnerships for the benefit of its customers.
La Corbeille Bleue is engaged alongside the WWF on programmes which interweave with its activity and which it encourages its customers to support.
For four years, La Corbeille Bleue has shown commitment to the social and non-profit economy by forging partnerships with several players from the protected sector.
La Corbeille Bleue suggests that its customers have some of their waste flow collected by FastRoad. This tailor-made company from the transport sector handles collection logistics and offers excellent service quality.  La Corbeille Bleue guarantees the stability of the service and its regulatory compliance, and provides feedback on traceability over the entire waste flow (reports, waste tracking system, etc.). La Corbeille Bleue also offers its customers a daily bin collection service for their routine industrial waste provided by FastRoad.
Other partnerships, such as the one with AP'AIPS, offer pre-collection and waste sorting solutions for large buildings. La Corbeille Bleue carries out all collection, recycling and traceability reporting operations.

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