Our jobs

The Paprec Group encourages success and accomplishment for every actor of the company. Here are the stories of some of our collaborators whose careers are filled with rich and varied experiences.

Multi-talented secretary

Manuela Gregoire, Paprec Plastiques 49 Castor d’Or 2012 –best Branch Secretary

Manuela Grégoire-secretary


My job is primarily to enter receipts and dispatches of plastics for the Trémentines, Roye and Fontanes sites. I update stocks on the computer at the end of each month. I work as the receptionist and switchboard operator at the Trémentines branch. I assist the logistics manager with his various duties.


I have been a Paprec Group employee since 2005 and have adapted to the changes in our organisation. My discovery and experience of the world of recycling have allowed me to be responsive and curious, so that waste treatment information for my colleagues is entered as quickly as possible. I also have to be available and have a thorough knowledge of our computer software, to respond to the various requirements and changes in the plastics branch.


  • The variety in my job: no two days are alike.
  • The trust shown by my bosses, who allow me to manage my work my way.
  • Belonging to a group that is constantly innovating in the recycling sector pushes me to get the best out of myself.


Learning from my colleagues allows me to develop, so that I can be versatile and extend my knowledge in a wide variety of areas.


My job allows me to interact at different stages with a number of people (lorry drivers, forklift drivers, operators, managers, etc.), working as part of a team whose common aim is to see our branch expand.