Our Vision

Putting Recycling on the Industrial Cutting Edge

Bigger and Better Recycling
Over the course of a few years, with better regulations and a favourable environmental context, recycling has gone from DIY to major industry. Every day, Paprec strives to push back the limits of what recycling can do, constantly developing new technologies and skills.
Better Recovery Rates
Paprec always leaves a lot of space for innovation, which serves two purposes: recycling new materials, and optimising the recycling techniques. To reach the recovery rate objectives, the Paprec Group has, among other things, greatly improved some of its branches: plastics, batteries, industrial and construction waste, electric and electronic waste are some of the examples.

Le recyclage, une industrie de pointe

Working for the Planet

Saving Available Resources
In a finite world, raw mineral material is limited. By facing the fact that these resources will one day be depleted, recycling is considered the “mining of tomorrow.”
Saving the Energy Potential of Raw Material
When first processed, raw materiel consumes a lot of energy to be transformed. Now, recycling can greatly reduce that energy use: it takes three times less energy to make glass from old glass than from raw sand.
A Long Term Vision
Convinced that recycling will be the 21st century’s premier environmental profession, Paprec leads ambitious investment policies, aiming to have the most proficient and cutting edge technologies in the industry.

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