Our Values

Respecting the Individual

This is central to our philosophy. Every day, we promote equal opportunities, and fight all discriminations.
“Respecting Earth and all People is power in itself”
Claire Boursinhac, Environmental Supervisor. 2010 Castor d’Or.

Paprec Group, respecting the individual


We respect people’s diversity of opinion, culture, religion, origins, age, and training. With that vision in mind, we recycle and protect our planet.
“Our opinions are complementary or enriching. We build off each other.
Emilie Lacroix, Office Manager. 2007 Castor d’Or.

Paprec Group : diversity is a statement


Performing both individually and collectively is an important condition to insure our long-term growth and development. Each one of us contributes to this ideal with commitment and professionalism.
“It works because we all commit!”
Kader Nebati Chergui. Storage Manager. 2004 Castor d’Or.

Paprec Group, professionnalism and search for Excellence

The Search for Excellence

We aim to be the best recycling professionals, with cutting edge technology and high quality.
“Let us always keep our eyes on the objective: being the best.”
Méri Milos. Sales Assistant. 2004 and 2005 Castor d’Or.


Solidarity and teamwork are vital to our continuing success. 

Paprec Group, teamwork and solidarity

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