Our History

An Ambitious Bet

In 1995, Jean-Luc Petithuguenin left his management position at the Générale des Eaux to take over a small paper recycling company, with 45 employees and a €3,5 Million turnover.

A Budding Industry

Convinced of the recycling market‘s great potential and certain that it was to become one of the 21st century’s most important enterprise, he decided to become the leader in the field, an equal to the two giant French companies.

Investment as Strategy

Choosing ambitious investment policies, the Paprec Group equipped itself with cutting edge industrial technology, and brilliantly managed to answer all questions posed by the opening of new recycling demands: plastics, e-waste, selective collection…

The headquarters of Paprec Group in La Courneuve, France

Rapid Internal Growth…

60% of the Paprec Group’s development is internal. This demonstrates the interest that clients have shown in the different recycling options, and the Group’s dynamic commercial network. In 18 years, the Group has convinced 20 000 industrialists to join Paprec Recycling.

…And a Controlled Exterior Growth

Throughout these 18 years of existence, the Paprec Group has made close to 50 acquisitions or minority interests, with several goals: strengthening its existent activities and its national network, widening its range of services, opening up new markets for activity.

Entrepreneurial Success Based on Human Elements

The Paprec Group has gathered close to 3500 collaborators. Each one of them is a part of this successful and human venture.

Paprec Group, the collaborators are our success

A Leader in Recycling

In just a few years, the little recycling company from La Courneuve has become one of the key players in the recycling world, ready to take on any recycling and waste management ventures.

  • Paper, cardboard, office paper, archives, official documents.
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Metal and scraps
  • Construction waste
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Batteries
  • Ordinary industrial waste (OIW)
  • Hazardous industrial waste (HIW)
  • Green waste
  • Vehicle recycling
  • Rubber and tire collection and treatment
  • Sorting of selectively collected household waste

Environmental Services:

  • Collecting household waste, public bins, and sorted waste
  • Delegated management of waste collection and sorting facilities
  • Management of facilities for nonhazardous waste storage
  • Other services to the environment

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