The Main Patron of the Paris Opera Ballet

Having already supported the Paris Opera since 2000, Paprec now patrons the Paris Opera Ballet since 2010, for at least three years. In 2011, Paprec received the medal of Grand Mécène de la Culture (Grand Patron of the Arts) for this initiative. In 2015, Paprec is still the main patron of the Paris Opera Ballet. 

The Rite of Spring - Pina Bausch © Icare
Paprec Group patrons WWF

Patron of the WWF

Since 2011, Paprec patrons a study conducted each year by the WWF and Riposte Verte: “The evaluation of the paper policies of 50 big public institutions and administrations in France.”
This study gives us a complete update on the paper policies of different public offices.


Then in 2014, Paprec renews its partnership with WWF with a new project for a period of 3 years.
Two programs are already underway. The first concerns census of cetaceans and the assessment of their degree of contamination to pesticides and other industrial waste. The second, focused on supporting the creation of marine protected areas. The partnership of Paprec and WWF is crucial for the future of these conservation programs.

Artist of the year

Every year since its creation in 1995, Paprec patrons an artist, allowing to them fully express his or her vision of recycling. The work of art is then bought by the company and exposed in the main headquarters or another building.
The work of Sullivan Goba-Blé, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative, questions the structure and construction of the subjects through different mediums.
“In what is shown to us, beware of what is not visible.”

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