Our HR Policy

Here at Paprec, our main challenges is finding the right skills to expand the company, creating fidelity, and attracting talented people. Our new recruits are sent to either the factories (94,4% of all staff), sales agencies, or the headquarters. Executives and supervisors are taken through an orientation period, allowing them to discover the different functions of the Paprec Group.

Promoting Diversity

From day one, Paprec has fought discrimination by continuously promoting diversity. The respect of social, gender, and cultural diversity are Paprec’s guarantee of success. 

Welcoming People with Disabilities

The integration of people with disabilities has been encouraged for years. Following a 2008 internal survey, Paprec regularly and directly recruits people with disabilities, and works with disability employment services and specialised enterprises.

Developing Your Skills

Each year, the Paprec Group invests in training its employees: training new recruits, annual training seminars for our sales department, updating work conditions…

Encouraging New Talents

The Paprec Group encourages every individual’s success and accomplishment. It follows the day to day progress of skills and careers in order to offer interesting career opportunities to all its collaborators, wherever their strengths lie.

High Company Fidelity

In its 20 years of existence, the Paprec Group has multiplied its staff by 100, from 45 to almost 4 500 collaborators. This exceptional growth is the result of extraordinary team spirit and strong values, that have created strong feelings of loyalty among its staff.

Getting Involved Locally

Paprec contributes to the local regions it works in, with the belief that enterprises have a civic duty to help them develop.

The Castors d’Or

The Castors d’Or

This award is a symbol of Paprec’s management policies, a trophy rewarding employees or collaborators who have best embodied the companies values: respect, professionalism, excellence, and team spirit. Each year, a score of collaborators in all categories and branches are rewarded.
Discover the essence of these Castors d’Or.

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The Group is in constant expansion, and always looking for new talents, new profiles, engine drivers and forklift operators, as well as commercial advisors.
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