The Executive Committee

Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, Founder and CEO of Paprec Group

Jean-Luc PETITHUGUENIN, founder and CEO

After graduating from the ESSEC in 1979, Jean-Luc Petithuguenin worked for a construction company as a management controller, financial director, and general director. In 1990, he directed a task force for the Générale des Eaux(the French national water company), before transferring to its recycling branch and becoming its director. He then took over Paprec in 1994, and has remained at the helm ever since.
He is also the CEO and founder of Helios (BTP), since 2000. Helios is the French leader in road surface markings.

Claude Solarz, Vice-President Paprec Group

Claude SOLARZ, Vice-President

Self-made man Claude Solarz founded his first recycling company in 1960, dealing with old paper. He joined the Paprec Group and Jean-Luc Petithuguenin in 2000, and has raised himself to vice-presidency

Jean-Christophe Elie, executive manager and administrator Paprec Group

Jean-Christophe ELIE, Executive Manager and Administrator

Executive Manager since 2008, and administrator since 2010, Jean-Christophe Elie first served five years as director for management control at the Paprec Group. He is now in charge of management and administrative missions for the Group.
He graduated from the ESLSCA business school in 1987, and was an auditor within Elyo-Cofreth (Suez Group – Lyonnaise des Eaux) from 1988 to 1991.

Sébastien Petithuguenin, General Manager Paprec Group

Sébastien PETITHUGUENIN, General Manager

Sébastien Petithuguenin has majored from the École Normale Supérieure, and has also graduated from the École Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Économique (ENSAE 2001).
From 2000 to 2003, he worked in England as a Business Analyst for Comex UK. He then joined the Paprec Group as a task force manager. In 2007 he became assistant general manager, in charge of IT, the plastics division, the Île de France region, and the Corbeille Bleue (office paper recycling).

Charles-Antoine BLANC, Financial Director Paprec Group

Charles-Antoine BLANC, Group Chief Financial Officer

 Graduated from HEC (Executive MBA) and Skema Business School, Charles-Antoine Blanc is also a French Certified Public Accountant (Diplômé d’Expertise-Comptable).
After a ten-year experience working with Ernst & Young (Transaction Services Department from 2003 to 2006, Corporate Finance Department from 2006 to 2013) where he was mainly involved in mid-cap companies transactions in the business services sector and more specifically in the environmental sector, Charles-Antoine Blanc was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Paprec Group in February 2013.

Sylviane TROADEC, Assistant General Manager Paprec Group

Sylviane TROADEC, Assistant General Manager

Sylviane Troadec has a university degree completed by a post graduate degree in human resources, and, when she joined Paprec in 2001, created the Human Resources, Quality, Environment, and Security branch.
She started her career as a training manager, a project head for SFR Cegetel, and was in charge of operational management and quality control for the Générale des Eaux.

Géraldine BULOT, Head of Human Resources Paprec Group

Géraldine BULOT, Head of Human Resources

After acquiring a masters degree in Environmental Law in 2000, Géraldine Bulot joined Paprec in 2001, occupying several posts until she became Head of the Environment division, until 2012 when she was made Head of Human Resources.

Luc GEFFRAULT, Assistant Manager Paprec Group

Luc GEFFRAULT, Assistant Manager

Luc Geffrault holds a Bachelor of Arts, and was an office manager at the Compagnie Générale des Eaux, followed by the same post at Veolia, before joining the Normandy office of Paprec in 2000.
In 2007, he took charge of all Paprec Nord (the northern branch), before becoming Assistant Manager for the North, Center, and Normandy regions, as well as General Manager of CDI Recyclage. He is a member of the Executive Committee since 2012.

Dominique MAGUIN, International Manager Paprec Group and Group Lottner

Dominique MAGUIN, International Manager

In 1975, after his law studies in Montpellier, Dominique Maguin became office director for Soulier S.A. He then replaced Jean-Luc Petithuguenin as the General Manager of the Soulier Group, which in turn became Veolia Propreté France Recycling in 1998. Today, Dominique Maguin is the Honorary Chairman for FEDEREC and the Head of the BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) since 1997.
In January 2008, he started his own company: the Compagnie des Matières Premières, 40% of which is now owned by Paprec, until he became administrator and head of the Swiss group Lottner in January 2011.

Erwan LE MEUR, Executive Manager Paprec Group

Erwan LE MEUR, Executive Manager

With a diploma in structural engineering, urbanology, and environment from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (National Institute for Applied Science), Erwan Le Meur started his career as an Environmental Engineer for the ADEME, then as a Commercial Director for Yprema. In 2008, he became a consultant for EACM’s research department, helping setup projects dealing with waste and polluted sites.
He joined Paprec in April 2010, as manager of the Paprec Chantiers agencies in Ile-de-France. In 2013, he was appointed Managing Director in charge of the company’s national construction waste department. He is also the President of the Gennevilliers Port Community, and the Head of Federec’s construction waste branch.

Stéphane Leterrier

Stéphane Leterrier, Executive Director

A graduate from ESSEC in 1994 and holder of a DECF (an accounting and finance diploma), Stéphane Leterrier was a financial auditor at Mazars then head of management services at Pernod-Ricard. In 2001 he joined Sita (Suez Environnement group) where he occupied various positions until 2014, including Mediterranean region general manager and then Centre Est region general manager. Today he is Executive Director, responsible for operations across a large part of France.

Stéphane Heusdens

Stéphane Heusdens, Group Commercial Director

Holds a BTS in Accounting and Management from ICS BEGUE in Paris. After several commercial experiences in various sectors, he took on a commercial role at VEOLIA Environnement from 1997 to 2000 before joining the PAPREC Group where he has since held the position of Group Commercial Director.

Mathieu Petithuguenin

Mathieu Petithuguenin, Executive Manager responsible for commercial activities

A graduate of the MBA programme at the European Business School. After 5 years at sportswear brand Burrda Sport, (a subsidiary of Qatar Sport Investment) as Commercial Manager, Mathieu Petithuguenin joined the Paprec group in 2014 as Deputy Commercial Director.
He is responsible for the development of the group's key accounts as well as for the purchasing department.

Stéphane Armange

Stéphane Armange, Managing Director of FCR

ESSEC MG Stéphane Armange began his career in 1990 at Derichebourg Ouest as a sales representative. In 1995 he joined GDE where he held various positions, eventually becoming manager of the Paper Recycling sector.
Since 2000, he has been with the Paprec Group, where he has occupied several positions including Commercial Director, then Managing Director of FCR (material sales cell).

Thibault Petithuguenin

Thibault Petithuguenin, Director of Corporate Communication

A graduate of Sciences-Po Lille (Class of 2007) and CELSA (with a major in journalism), Thibault Petithuguenin first spent time as a journalist and reporter before joining Paprec in 2011 as Editor-in-Chief for the group's publications. 
He is now Director of Corporate Communication for the Paprec Group.

Olivier Seigarbieux, executive comitee

Olivier Seignarbieux, Managing Director in charge of the Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne, South-East and South-West regions

At 47 years old, Olivier is a graduate of ENSIL (École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Limoges). After his studies, he began his career in recycling in France and abroad.
In 2006, he became managing director of AES (Action Environnement Services) in Saint-Paul-la-Roche in the Dordogne department, a company that specialises in organic waste recycling and the recovery of sludge from wastewater treatment plants. With around 50 employees, this company has two sites, one in the Dordogne and the other in the Gironde, and was purchased by the Paprec Group in 2011.

Paprec, Pascal Mettey

Pascal Mettey, Managing Director of Final Waste Management Operations

At 58 years old, Pascal graduated from INSA Lyon with a degree in Energy Engineering with an option in economics, environment and ecology. After working for the Compagnie Générale des Eaux, Sita, and Ortec, Pascal joined the Paprec Group in 2001 as a Managing Director. He thus actively participated in the development of various activities within the Group.
Since 2011, Pascal has directed the Group's Final Waste Management operations. Now, after the acquisition of Cheze, NCI, Coved and Ikos, Terralia and its engineering and design department is optimising the capacity to store over 2 million tonnes of inert and non-hazardous waste at 47 facilities located throughout the country. Terralia has thus become number 3 in France in this sector. Pascal also directs Mailhem Ikos, the Group's Indian subsidiary, as well as Ikos France.

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